Meeting Rooms

A professional setting

Sometimes you need more than just a coffee shop table to hold a meeting in. A hotel isn’t always going to cut the mustard for your conference either. Be it for interviews, board meetings, training days or a simple brainstorm…

we have superb meeting rooms in each of our centres to meet any requirement you could throw at us !

Topos provides professional meeting spaces designed for business in an inspiring environment. 5 high-class environments for holding your meetings:

  • CONGRÈS – 35 Rue du Congrès – 1000 Brussels
  • LOUISE – 367 avenue Louise – 1050 Brussels
  • MONTGOMERY – 3 Rue Abbé Cuypers –  1040 Brussels
  • PARC ROYAL – 4 Rue de la Presse – 1040 Brussels
  • SCHUMAN – 34/40 Rue Breydel – 1040 Brussels

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